Sign Land

People in my neighborhood love to put signs out to remind me of things.  Sometimes they want to remind me of who is running for politics.  Sometimes they want to tell me where they go to church or send their kids to school (a great idea!).  Sometimes they like to provide public service suggestions to me.
Kids Cant Drive!

Kid's Can't Drive!

I noticed this sign when I was jogging.  It’s lucky I had not been driving because I had to get right up to it to figure out what they were trying to say. With so many colors, and a picture of a girl that I didn’t know if she lived in the neighborhood or not; I probably would have crashed my car into a kid trying to read it.

When I went up to the sign I tried to click on the “Learn more” button but it would not provide any more information and I ended up poking a hole into the other side.  Now it says “earn more”. I think the meaning is that you “earn more” points for each kid you hit with your car, but I don’t know because I have yet to score in this new game.

Ok, so all joking aside, I “understand” new sign campaign for “real”.  Kids like to throw darts at cars so you should watch out for kid-dart-mafias. I get it.  But I already knew that and didn’t need a sign to tell me.  I wish my neighbors would pick some more vital information to tell me about when they decide to hang a message between metal wires in the ground.

My start

Helping out the hood

If everyone starts to do this we will live in greater harmony, and by that virtue the housing foreclosure market will be saved!


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