Dishes Flow Chart

Sometimes talking to other people is a great way to convey information. But for an engineer this usually isn’t sufficient. An engineer can only carry a conversation so far before getting frustrated at the words getting in the way. Your engineer will then turn to the white board to map out their thoughts for mutual understanding for all.

That’s why my wife appreciates the flow chart I created for how to do the dishes. This chart allows the dish washer to determine the proper action when faced with each dirty dish. Prior to having the chart we would spend 10 minutes over a steaming sink trying to figure out what the heck to do next. Now with this chart laminated over the kitchen’s workhorse, we can easily follow the steps to the proper action. does-it-go-in-the-sink

This chart is great for not only spouses, but also for children, significant others, and even roommates. It’s especially useful for when family comes over for the holidays. You don’t have to yell at grandma anymore when she gingerly places her egg nog glass in the sink. Instead you can just snap your fingers in her face and point at the chart.

Once you’ve printed and hung this chart in your home, come back and leave a comment about how much better your life has become.


Manning 2 Manning: The Sitcom

S01E1: Pilot

Peyton arrives at Eli’s New Jersey condo sporting his new Jet’s gear and asks if he can stay for awhile.  Peyton soon learns that he was cut from the Jets and tries to keep it secret.  Peyton convinces Eli to go to the gym.  Peyton uses many hilarious methods to prevent Eli from seeing the gym TVs which are all reporting about his being cut. Peyton throws a weight at the TV when it appears that Eli might see the news.  The manager kicks the brothers out of the gym.  Peyton intentionally crashes Eli’s car when Eli tries to tune the radio to Sport Center.  Abby pressures Eli to get Peyton to search for an apartment.

S01E02: The Jersey

Abby accidentally ruins Peyton’s Jet’s jersey in the washing machine.  She holds the jersey behind her back when Peyton comes looking for it.  Abby tries to fix it but only makes things worse when she sews the sleeve shut.  She tries to hide the jersey but their dog, Chester, steals it from the laundry basket.  Meanwhile, Peyton keeps changing the channel to 2 Broke Girls when Eli is trying to watch The Voice.   Chester jumps on the couch with Peyton’s ruined jersey and Peyton threatens the dog while Eli holds him back.  Abby guiltily watches from the kitchen while Eli disciplines the dog.  Abby continues to pressure Eli to kick Peyton out.  Later, Eli gathers enough courage to ask Peyton to move when he overhears Peyton on the phone talking about getting cut from the team.  Abby and Eli reluctantly accept Peyton as their new roommate.  Peyton finishes watching 2 Broke Girls with the whole family.  Chester eyes Peyton from his kennel.

S01E06: Cooper Visits

Eli is upset at Peyton for being 3 weeks late on the rent.  Peyton assures Eli he will get the money but more importantly he excitedly reveals that Cooper is coming to town.  Eli and Peyton take Cooper out to dinner and end up at a dive bar.  The brothers try to get Cooper to confess who is the better quarterback.  Peyton attempts to win Cooper over by buying rounds of shots for the entire bar.  Eli is noticeably perturbed by Peyton’s use of money.  Eli drinks too much and passes out.  Eli wakes up on the condo roof in his underwear.  Peyton and Cooper lie to Abby about Eli’s whereabouts and she threatens to call the police.  Eli attempts to keep his sanity by talking to a nest of attentive baby birds about his situation with Peyton.  Chester bites Peyton in the crotch.

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